Davvero Mission

I only work with a handful of small businesses, Italian owned and operated who in turn, also generate jobs for Italians. Sustainable, slow tourism that preserves and respects the community.

But more than that...

I want to give back to the city and country I now call my home, creating opportunities for the locals, promoting their already running businesses, or helping them to launch their ideas into one. And maybe in a small way contributing to the bigger picture.


I connect tourists craving an authentic Made in Italy experience to the locals actually doing it. So Italians can share their passions, products, businesses and their home to those visiting. A beautiful exchange and experience for all parties involved that leaves a positive long-lasting impact on both sides is something wonderful to witness - and even more amazing to a part of. 

After all, isn’t traveling (and life in general) all about the genuine experiences, relationships, and connections you make along the way?

Photo - Kathy Karn Photgraphy