Davvero Rome Mission

Sustainable Tourism Redefined

    According to the Wikipedia definition, Sustainable Tourism is "the concept of visiting somewhere as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy.”

    But I don’t just want to do things with the respect for the community and with a low carbon footprint. I actually want to give back to the city and country I now call my home, creating opportunities for the locals and promoting their already running businesses or helping them to launch their ideas into one. And maybe in a small way, contributing to the bigger picture eventually.


So I decided that I would create something that could help on both ends – connecting tourists craving an authentic experience to the locals actually giving it. To experience something that is really Rome.  Hence the name I came up with ... Davvero Rome.

The Italian word davvero’ = really, truly, seriously

    After living here for three years roughly off and on, Romans have become my second family and my home away from home. And for this reason, my definition of “sustainable tourism” has become this:

  I only work with a handful of small companies, Italian owned and operated – who also generate jobs for Italians. But the majority of my recommendations come from the individual local who is giving this experience to share their passions and promote their businesses here. It’s really the only way that makes sense to me.


    People visiting want to interact with REAL locals and take part in authentic and genuine Italian experiences.

And it means so much more for them to know that in doing so, they’re contributing not only to the economy by vacationing there, but also on a personal level by letting that local share their life’s work. It’s a beautiful exchange and leaves such an impact on both sides –                 it’s wonderful to witness and even more touching to be a part of.


After all, isn’t traveling (and life in general) all about the genuine relationships, connections and experiences you make?

Photo - Kathy Karn Photgraphy